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Hello we are an international transport company «Goldcontainer Ltd», see our offers for dry and reefer containers in various countries around the world . We know you will be satisfied with our partnership. Sending dry containers to anywhere in the world.

Our current offers:

1. Selling used dry containers 20 ft and 40 ft in Moscow and St. Peterburge, Russian.

2. We are selling 40DV containers in Hamburg, Germany — 7 units from 1050 euro.

3. Turkmenistan. Оffer 230 Х 40HC (High Cube).


(P.S. Offer on the Russian language also: Туркмения, город Туркменбаши, порт Туркменбаши 230 высоких контейнеров в наличии 40НС, звоните, пишите через контактную форму, бронируйте.)

4. We got 2 X 40HC on the way to Poland. If you are interested in buying them all in Warsaw/Lodz/Katowice or somewhere you have resources there.
They are second-hand containers wz good condition,CW.
Appreciated your quick reply.

5. Can sell all types of containers in different parts of China\ South Korea.

6. Sell all types of dry containers and refrigerators in Russian Federation. We send dry containers to any point of Russia and the world.

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