She also shared that her addiction began after she suffered the lost of her mother but denies that she’s ever consumed paint in front of her children. The research «does indicate that men and women planning a family should give up alcohol.» And this one who was addicted to eating her cat’s fur and would sometimes go straight to the source. TLC’s My Strange Addition returns Wednesday with an episode featuring a woman who can’t stop eating mattresses. A young man consumes up to 16 plastic newspaper bags every week and even goes days without food. Then, a woman is addicted to an 18-inch plastic doll named Volo and her affection for him gets in the way of human relationships. A 44-year-old mother of six has had at least 30 plastic surgery procedures to build the most extreme body in the world. Soon, she plans to go under the knife again to double her breast size to a shocking QQQ.

TLC scandalized the masses when the network aired a My Strange Addiction episode about adult babies. It features Riley Kylo, a transgender girl who describes, in extreme detail, why she loves peeing in a diaper. However, TLC neglected to mention the fact that Kylo is also a famous porn star by the name of Sadie Hawkins. It’s not uncommon for a reality show to stretch the truth in order to create some drama, but what TLC allegedly did to this My Strange Addiction star may woman addicted to drinking paint have crossed the line. According to a Reddit post from someone named Lauren who claimed to be featured in an episode called «Fur Suit Fetish,» her entire story was almost completely fabricated. Although lots of people like to mock those who go overboard with plastic surgery, after a certain point, it’s just sad. Yep, people can become addicted to all kinds of body modifications, not just plastic surgery. Coffee Enemas are something people can, and do, become addicted to.

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For the past 20 years, 31-year-old Nicole has been addicted to Pony Play, a form of costumed role play. Meanwhile, 43-year-old single mother of two Heather has been addicted to drinking paint for nearly three years. Mostly seen among small children, addiction to eating paint chips is a real thing. This can be very serious due to lead-based paints in older homes, and even if it’s not lead based, eating paint is pretty darn terrible for you. Other forms of this seen in adults are people who drink paint pens and nail polish. But how about eating the glass itself instead of drinking? Even touching a broken glass cuts our hands, and there are people out there with strange additions of eating glass.

This type of strange addictions can be put under Pica. It is a clinical disorder that makes someone addicted to eating stuff with no nutritional value. Or we can say it makes a person addicted to eating things that were never made for eating. People with strange addictions like Liu Zundun stay healthy with their strange addictions. Rather they claim to die if they don’t practice their strange addictions. Be it whatever, for me and you, these just seem bizarre. When the show “My Strange Addiction” first aired back in 2002, most made fun of it for being a weird show. Most of us thought in the name of strange addictions it is just another show with a peculiar publicity stunt. But in the crowd, some people could connect to thosestrange addictionsshown on the TV screens.

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Additionally, Michael Abernethy at Pop Matters reached a similar conclusion, writing that the premiere left viewers frustrated at what they were seeing. «While ‘My Strange Addiction’ provides details of the addictive behaviors, it does little to present their psychological make-ups, their contexts or their possible treatments,» he explained. «More input from might help us understand what we’re watching, and not just ogle bizarre spectacles.» While there’s little denying that Paytas was over-tanning when she went on «My Strange Addiction,» it’s notable that it appears she was trying to catch her big break around the same time. Let’s just say there’s a lot you don’t know about the show that gave new meaning to the term Human Ken Doll.
woman addicted to drinking paint
He then gets a complete background of when it started. Toward the end of the show, a therapist is usually brought in to assess the addiction and advice on the best course of action for the individual to take. That’s right, things weren’t just tweaked in editing, they were scripted from start to finish. «At no point did I ever do anything I would normally do,» Lauren shared. «Everything was either scripted, guided, or I was plopped into a situation that I did not want to be in.»

Episodes (

My Strange Addiction is an American documentary television series that premiered on TLC on December 29, 2010. The series focuses on people with unusual compulsive behaviors. These range from eating specific non-food items to ritualistic daily activities to bizarre personal fixations or beliefs. While some of the people featured on «My Strange Addiction» have said they weren’t paid for their appearances, a woman named Lauren said otherwise during her Reddit AMA on the subject. She shared that she was in fact paid and called the amount «considerable» but «not a large amount» — whatever that means. But arguably more important than the amount that Lauren was paid was what it actually cost her. As she tells it, that payment came at the price of signing a contract «basically stating that they have the right to alter/use/sell my footage in any which way they please, just put in a ‘nicer’ way.» Theresa, on the other hand, was featured on «My Strange Addiction» for her addiction to smelling gasoline. She and her family reported that she sniffs gasoline every 10 minutes and that she’s experienced short-term memory loss, beginning all the way back in 1995, along with severe stomach problems as a result.

This woman will creep into your house at night and steal your baby’s diaper while it sleeps, just to get a good sniff. The woman who admitted she was «literally eating» her house. The lady who snorted five ounces of baby powder per day. This episode of My Strange Addiction profiles Kevin who constantly covers his body in plaster casts even though he is not injured and Melissa who is incapable of making a decision without a consulting a psychic. Josh enjoys a glass of champagne, not for the bubbly, but for the crunch of the glass as he bites into it. He eats glass, light bulbs and bullets for attention.

Some estimates say that up to 10% of high performance runners and body builders are addicted to exercise. While sometimes this stems from a need to be in control, it can all be as simple as an addiction to the “high” we get after intense workouts. The showrunners edited the taxidermist to look like she was into stuffing dead animals. Anantharaman came out to refute the claims saying that she is a firm believer in the humane treatment of animals.
woman addicted to drinking paint
It’s unclear how much of My Strange Addiction is scripted or grossly exaggerated, but TLC is known for its heavy-handed editing. Some cast members have publicly suggested that their episodes were fabricated, while others apparently did TLC’s dirty work and ramped up the drama for the cameras. Let’s take a closer look at some reasons why My Strange Addiction is totally fake. In Sweden, a man named Roger Tullgren became so addicted to Heavy Metal, and it took over so much of his life, that it actually qualified as a disability. He now receives unemployment benefits from the government as he’s only able to work part time. No word on if the checks stop when he goes deaf from the loud music. It’s important to remember that addiction is a mental illness. Some of these addictions may make you think that people are just doing this for attention, but people can become addicted to almost anything. Whatever lights up the reward center of the brain is something people can become addicted to.

Mother shares ‘Strange Addiction’: Drinking paint

According to a Redditpost from someone who claims their friends-of-friends briefly appeared in the episode, Venus and Emily only pretended to be living dolls on the show. In reality, they supposedly simply enjoy wearing Lolita fashion — a type of style inspired by Harajuku and Victorian clothing. In fact, some people interviewed by TLC supposedly had no idea the episode was about living doll subculture. Instead, they supposedly thought the piece was about Harajuku style, which is extremely popular in some parts of the world. If you’re a fan of Trish Paytas, it’s probably not because of her My Strange Addiction episode.

Where can I watch TLC?

You can watch Tlc without cable on Sling, Philo, DirecTV Stream, Hulu, Fubo, Fubo Elite, YouTube TV, Vidgo, or Spectrum TV. Below, we count down the best ways to watch TLC that cord-cutters use. We made this ranking based on each service's value: how many other channels each dollar of subscription will get you.

Eating chalk is a weirdly common form of pica, for both children and adults. While chalk is labeled non-toxic, during manufacturing it can be contaminated with everything from rat poop and bugs to metal shavings, as well as chemicals used during the manufacturing process. A tanning addiction is actually defined, and here it is – someone who lies out in the sun or visits a tanning salon more than eight to Sober Home ten times a month. You can actually have withdraw symptoms if you stop tanning. Another fan reasoned that the show might be based on real people, but TLC exaggerates their conditions. It is worth noting that the show came under fire after airing the episode where they labeled Divya Anantharaman as a creepy taxidermist. Whenever a person is featured on the show, they explain their addiction to the host.

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